The Internet: The Present And The Future

The Impact Of The Internet

Since its inception, the internet has had one of the greatest impacts of all time on mankind. It has revolutionized our lives. It has changed lifestyles; It has made the world a very small place for with it, you can access information about anything in the world in real time. The internet has also transformed the business world as well as education. It has influenced how we learn and how we do business. To say the least, the internet is the epitome of modern civilization and the new world order.

The Evolution Of The Internet

Since its inception a few decades ago, the internet has evolved unimaginably within a very short spell of time. We have witnessed edition emerge every other year, with an inevitable compulsion to adapt to the new features. If there is anything that has prompted continuous learning in the modern world in technology, and the internet in particular. In fact, whoever dedicates himself to work in this industry must be ready to keep up constant upgrades and developments. The tech savvy are always on the lookout for anything as pertains to the internet.
The Future

How does the future of the internet look like? That is a question most pundits are asking themselves. There is no doubt that the future of the internet is bright, presenting new possibilities. Lately, the future of the internet has attracted attention from the internet society, which has been holding consultative forums to discuss possible scenarios. The internet scenario planning forums are held to anticipate the unfolding turn out of events in this arena. It is intended to present a plausible martial plan of possible events. By its outcome, stakeholders are expected to prepare better for the future.
The most plausible future scenarios of the internet put forth are: the porous garden scenario, the boutique networks scenario, the moats and drawbridges scenario and the common pool scenario. The internet society welcomes the participation of everybody in shaping the future of the internet.