Know Your Legal Rights and What To Do When You’re Involved in a Trucking Accident

Several thousand accidents involving large truckers take place in the United States every year. Often, when these accidents do happen, it results to momentous property damage worth millions of dollars because of the cargo they are carrying, not to mention the injuries and fatalities. 

Experiencing a trucking accidents can be overwhelming if not traumatic. Woe unto you if it’s happening to you for the first time, worst still if you don’t know your legal rights. You might understand some basic legal rights about everyday motor accident occurs, but trucking accidents are a different ball game altogether.

This has made major trucking companies to think outside the box. They now engage the services of rapid-response teams consisting of attorneys, investigators, and accident assessors to help plan and execute the defense case. It’s not surprising to find these teams at the scene of the accident even before the police. Indeed, the stakes are very high particularly if the accident involved injuries and fatalities. 

In a nutshell, the team specializes in evaluating the specific situation and how it determines the victim's legal rights. The attorney who is the member of the team is duly authorized to treat personal injury matters related to truck accidents and speedily handle accident cases effectively. The story doesn’t end here; the attorney ensures that the victim of serious injuries recovers their claims quickly and that the verdict rendered is in their favor. In some cases where the victims are economically weak, the attorney sometimes can offer free legal advice to victims.

Sometimes extreme cases call for extreme measures. This happens when some critical evidence implicates you. What the team does is to tamper or completely destroy the information to conform to safety regulations. For instance, black boxes or other electronic data devices can be wiped clean and erased. In addition, log entries that can prove speeding or driving over hours can be destroyed by the team immediately after the crash. All the above is legal, especially if the trucking company has not yet been put on notice to preserve the evidence. 

So what happens when the shoe is in the other foot? The team helps expedite investigations because witnesses to the accident disappear and memories fade quite fast and vital evidence interfered with or get lost. 

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